Thursday, January 26, 2012

L-Carntine for Weight Loss and Angina

L-Carnitine for Weight Loss

L-Carnitine is responsible for transporting fat to the mitochondria, where it can be oxidized, or burned. This amazing protein facilitates the breakdown of fat into energy, improving weight loss results when combined with exercise and a healthy diet.

According to recent studies, L-carnitine has been proven to “increase the amount of fat you burn during both anaerobic and aerobic workouts.” Just this past year, researchers published a paper in the Journal of Biological Chemistry regarding L-carnitine’s “switch” that determines an individual’s rate of metabolism.

L-Carnitine for Angina

Along with increasing the body’s ability to metabolize, or burn, fat, L-carnitine has also been shown to decrease the affects of angina, or chest pain, thus increasing the amount of time that patients can exercise.

Studies conducted and published from 1984 through 2000 on exercise tolerance in patients with angina show a ‘self-reported resolution of angina episodes.’ In a separate study, 200 patients received L-carnitine for 6 months to determine it’s affect on exercise with angina. “In the patients receiving L-carnitine, ergometric exercise performance improved and consumption of cardioactive medications decreased.”

In a more recent study of 47 patients with chronic angina, after 3 months of maintaining a L-carnitine regiment, patients were able to exercise longer with less chest pain.

By decreasing the affects of angina and increasing the duration of exercise for patients, L-carnitine gives angina sufferes the ability to get back in shape. And with the added ability that L-carnitine benefits in weight loss, angina patients can not only get back into shape, they have a greater chance of seeing weight loss results, and thus a greater chance of maintaining a heart healthy exercise routine and regiment. This health cycle will only continue to repeat with the help of L-carnitine supplements.

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